Success Stories

What my clients are saying about Organizing Remedies…

Reducing the amount of clutter in my home was not something I was particularly drawn to prioritize or do on my own. I needed some help. Enter Cindy… Cindy helped me imagine possibilities of how decluttered, better organized spaces would bring just a little more peace and comfort in my daily living. I am particularly impressed by how Cindy goes about her work. She worked diligently to understand my personal needs and tailored her service to meet them. She helped me review and coordinate donation options, efficiently stage the work to enable me to make decisions efficiently, and conducted sessions aligned with my schedule. Cindy brought a can-do attitude and non-judging, helpful approach to enable me to clarify what I REALLY wanted to keep and what I can do without. Her enthusiasm and commitment were essential to us meeting our goals, and I couldn’t be happier with the resultsI would recommend Cindy to anyone looking to reduce their clutter and organize what’s left. Her help was invaluable to me, and I’m ready for our next round!

Jerry – Indianapolis, IN
Cindy was very professional and efficient in the amount of time that she worked with me. She helped me organize a very cluttered room into an office area that I was able to use and function with my new business. She originally quoted me 6 hours, but we were able to knock it out in half the time.

Gina – Indianapolis, IN
I never would have thought you could have so much fun cleaning out a closet that was bursting at the seams, literally! BUT, if you’re working with Cindy, expect it. My husband couldn’t believe we were still giggling in the 8th hour. Yeah, my closet was THAT that bad, and Cindy is THAT good!  Thanks Cindy!

Pam – Tucson, AZ
Through conversations, Cindy had picked up on that “I had TOO MUCH stuff!” It was actually weighing on my mind and I did not realize how much it was bothering me. Over the years, I had accumulated a substantial amount of clothes, shoes, accessories, etc etc etc. I had moved them several times vowing to get rid of them before each move, but to no avail. I only accumulated more and more “stuff”. It was very daunting. One afternoon, we decided to take a look at my overwhelming concerns. Before I knew it, we had sorted through my entire closet. She was very driven to rid me of the things that were no longer serving me..that I had held onto for way too long. Through compassionate reasoning and innovative ideas, my closet is now beautiful, organized and a closet my mom would be proud of and I am proud, too! After we got all of the stuff out of my closet, we had a sorting session to decide what to keep, trash, consign and give to charity. Ultimately, I ended up very delighted that my stuff would not be weighing on my mind anymore. Great job, Cindy! Thanks for giving me the little push I needed to get my overwhelming closet under control once and for all!

Lanie – Fishers, IN
Cindy Garloch was great to work with! She kept me focused when I got distracted, and helped me decide what kind of things to keep and what to get rid of. Cindy also helped me organize the things that I am going to keep so that I can find them when I need them! It was a very valuable service to me.

Karen Meyer – Carmel, IN
Cindy is AMAZING! Decluttering and organizing is a task I dread. It can be SO overwhelming and something I procrastinate and put off…but NOT her! Decluttering and organizing are her passion, her thing and what she brings to helping other people in an encouraging, non-judgmental way!  Cindy helped me go through my mess of a closet, getting rid of clothes I didn’t, couldn’t or shouldn’t wear anymore to create a more organized and more functional space. I was surprised at how focused she was at keeping us on track. It was so much better and took way less time that I expected with her help. In a way, it was actually fun. Fabulous tips and ideas that I have used in other areas of my home as well. She does a wonderful job, is punctual, caring and truly wants you to be successful and happy in YOUR new SPACE!. I definitely recommend Cindy for any or all of your decluttering needs!. I KNOW I will!

Marie – Westfield, IN